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BCB Cycloidal Gear Pump
  2018/6/8 11:11:56    

BCB Cycloidal Gear Pump


It is used in hydraulic system to deliver mom-corrosive lubrication oil at temperature below 80℃ equivalent liquid without solid particles and fiber and with the viscosity of 5-1500cst.


It gives performance as tran-delivery pump or pressure booster pump in oil delivery system and it can perform as feal pump for delivery ,pressurization  in fuel supply system as it can be applied as lubrication pump in all industry fields.


BCB series of gear pump s are mainly compose of years,axles,pump body and cap,bearing sleeves and axle-end seals etc.It 's tines have the shape of cycloid arc,and the year is made from anti-abrasion powder metallurgy material .It has compact structure and can run smoothly with high efficiency,and build to last.The user also can choose pumps with mechanical sealing or wad filling .


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