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KCB Gear Pump
  2018/6/8 11:34:11    

KCB Gear Pump

●Pumped liquid

Chemical (acid, alkaline), lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, edible oil.


The gear oil pumps series KCB ,horizontal rotary pumps, are  suitable for transferring various lubricating fluids such as crude oil, heavy oil and industrial light oil .the temperature of the oils cannot be over 60  and the viscosity  of the oils cannot be greater than 100E. It is not adoptable however, for the gear oil pump to convey those fluidmediums with too much sulfur, hard grain impurities and corrosive substaness as well as those of high voltileness and low flashing point.such as gasoline benzene etc .

●Parameter table:


●Customer scene:

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