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2CY Gear Pump
  2018/6/8 10:58:01    

2CY Gear Pump


It is used in hydralic system to deliver mom-corrosive lubricting oil at temperature below 180℃ equivalent liquid without solid particles and fibrds and with the viscosity of 5-1500cst.

Application :

It gives performance as tran-delivery pump or pressure booster pump in oil delivery system and it can perform as feal pum for delivery,pressurigation and iyection in feul supply system as well it can be used as hudraulic pump supplying hydraulic power in hydraulic dricing system.anyhow,it can be applied as lubrcating pump in all industry filed.

Structure :

2CYseries of gear pump s are mainly compose of years,axles,pump body and cap,bearing sleeves and axle-end seals etc….The nitriding-treated gears possess the advantage of higher hardness and wear property and fixed onto the axles rotating inside the replace able bearing sleeves.All pump parts can be automaticalty lubricated by delivering medium when the pump is working.

Four bearing sleaves are installed in suspention and can be automatically adjusted with facing gaps compplying with pressure change,there fore it results in stable pump pressure,little outlet flow puistion and large capacity.

Parameter table:


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