Single screw pump

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Single Screw Pump
  2018-6-8 12:05:39    

Single Screw Pump

For pumping neutral or corrosiveliquids uncontaminated or abrasive liquids,liquids containing gases or which tend to froth ,and liquids of high or low viscosity ,including liquids containing fibrous and solid material.

The pump of type G is the main range product of our factory.It can be widely used in many fields.

Food industry :To transfer spirit or wine ,waste residue and addition in brewery.

Tesil mill :To transfer synthetic fible liquid viscose liquid.

Paper-making :To transfer black pulp.

Petro-industry:In handling various oil, grease products/

Chemical industry :To transfer suspended liquid, emulsiion liquid ,aide liquid, soda liquid and salt liquid.

Ship building :To transfer residue oil, to the butterworth pump, sewage pump and sea water pump eat.

Build industry :To transfer the mortar and plaster.

Nuclear industry: To transfer the redioactive liquid.

Metallurgical and mine :To transfer oxide and waste water .liquid explosive and drain off  water from mine.





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