Three screw pump

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SPF three screw pump
  2018/6/8 11:57:31    

SPF three screw pump

Pumped liquid:

Hydraulic oils, synthetic hydraulic liquids, native oils, lubricating oils    

Main fields of application:

For generation of pressure in oil-hydraulic systems, lubricating oil supplying, transfer pump, general industrial technologies       

Performance data Series Spf:   

CapacityQup to210l/min
Inlet pressurepsup to1bar
Discharge  pressurepdup to210bar
Differential pressurepdiffup to210bar
Viscosityvup to3..760mm²/s
Fluid temperaturetup to80°C
Speednup to36001/min

Construction features

Dry installation

Submerged design

In-tank installation

Vertical installation

Horizontal installation

Self - priming


   SN Three-screw Pump

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